Sapphire Splash Chicken Breed Profile: Eggs, Personality & Care Guide

Are you looking to buy a feathered friend that can weather any storm while laying a mountain of eggs? A mix of grey feathers, ranging from light to medium-dark, with some darker spots for extra flair, Sapphire Splash chickens could be a great addition to your backyard flock. Originating from the Czech Republic, it’s as tough and reliable as its cousins, ready to face both chilly and warm weather. 

Sapphire Splash chickens is also an egg-laying chicken breed, providing around 290 large brown eggs per year. When fully grown, these birds tip the scales at six to seven pounds. 

The chicks are pretty cute, with grey marks on top and around their eyes, a dusty yellow belly, and peach-colored legs and beaks. Each bird’s color could be varying a little because of their unique splash pattern, so you’re in for a bit of a surprise with each one. DO YOU KNOW ABOUT Ameraucana Chickens Breed 

Sapphire Splash Chicken Breed Profile: Eggs, Personality & Care Guide
Sapphire Splash Chicken Breed Profile: Eggs, Personality & Care Guide 2
Breed NameSapphire Splash Chicken
OriginCzech Republic
Weight6-7 lbs (Adult)
Egg Production290 to 300 large brown eggs per annually
Egg ColorBrown
Feather ColorsLight to medium-dark grey with darker spots
Lifespan6–8 years
TemperamentCalm, docile, friendly
Climate ToleranceHardy in both cold and hot conditions

According to my homestead life, Sapphire Splash Chickens are recognized for the impressive egg-laying capabilities (source). Through selective breeding, they can produce up to 300 large brown eggs each year in various climates. When Splash chiks get 5 to 7 months aged, they begin to produce eggs.

These chickens are a favorite among farmers not just for their egg production but also for their good size and meat quality. Their eggs are large having a brown shell. Sapphire Splash hens may also become broody, so they’re great at taking care of their chicks.

Sapphire Splash Chickens outperform many other breeds that are mainly kept for the egg production purpose. They’re resilient birds that keep laying eggs even in colder weather, though there may be a slight dip in production during these times.

The Sapphire Gem chicken originated in the Czech Republic, but the details of its history are still unknown. It’s believed to be a mix between a Barred Plymouth Rock and Blue Plymouth Rock, but that’s not authentically confirmed. 

When it comes to the Sapphire Splash, there’s even less information available. All we know is that it’s a newer breed that was created from the Sapphire Gem.

Sapphire Splash Chicken Facts

Sapphire Splash chickens are a hybrid breed, not an old traditional one, known for being easy to look after and laying lots of eggs.
They come with a very gentle and calm nature.
Baby chicks feature grey fluffy feathers on their backs and heads.
Around their eyes, the feathers are a darker grey.
Their bellies are a soft yellow, and their legs and beaks are a peach color.

Sapphire Splash chicks are pretty cute with their grey fluffy feathers on top and around their eyes, and a soft yellow belly. Their legs and beaks have a peachy color. 

It’s important to know that their unique splash coloring means each bird might look a bit different. They usually weigh between 6-7 lbs. These chickens usually live for 6–8 years.

The Sapphire Splash looks a lot like the Sapphire Gem but has its own style. Instead of the dark and shiny blue-grey feathers of the Gem, the Splash sports a lighter grey with random darker blue and grey spots. 

Both male and female birds share this look, but the roosters often have darker feathers around their neck and head, and sometimes they might even have a white spot on their head, just like the Gems do. Do you know about Saint Berdoodle

Sapphire Splash chickens are super chill and friendly, making them perfect for families with kids. They’re not just nice to people; they get along with other chickens too. 

These birds are pretty laid-back and don’t need a lot of looking after. They’re happy to just hang out, forage for food, and explore on their own, which means less work for you. 

They’re curious, love to hunt for bugs, scratch around in the dirt, and take dust baths to keep their feathers looking good.

Moreover, these chickens are tough, handling both cold and hot weather without any trouble. They’re the cuddly type, sometimes even sitting in your lap, and they’re great at finding their own food if you let them roam. 

Despite their calm nature, they’re always on the lookout for predators, making them smart birds for a backyard flock.

Space Requirements

Taking good care of Sapphire Splash Chickens means giving them the right kind of home and plenty of room. They need a safe coop to get themselves protected from bad weather as well as predators. It’s also important for them to have space outside for looking for food and taking dust baths, which keeps them happy and healthy.

Since Sapphire Splash Chickens are pretty active, they need enough space to roam around. Make sure they have at least 2-3 square feet of space inside the coop for each chicken and about 8-10 square feet per chicken outside, whether in a fenced area or roaming free.


Feeding Sapphire Splash Chickens the right food is key to keeping them healthy and good at laying eggs. A balanced chicken feed made for egg-layers is a great start. You can also give them fresh fruits, veggies, and some treats now and then to make their diet even better.

You ought to provide them with fresh and clean water to drink. Keep an eye on how much they eat, especially when the weather gets really hot or cold, to make sure they’re getting all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and keep laying those eggs.

Health Concerns

Sapphire Splash Chickens are usually tough and can handle a lot, but they can still get sick like any other chicken. It’s important to check on their health regularly, keep their home clean, and get them vaccinated to keep them in good shape.

Make sure their coop is clean and dry, follow steps to keep diseases away, and if you notice any signs they’re not feeling well, take action quickly. It’s a good idea to learn about common chicken illnesses and talk to a vet when you need to, to make sure your Sapphire Splash Chickens stay healthy.

Sapphire Splash Chickens are a different kind of Sapphire Gem chicken. They have gray feathers that can be light or dark, with some darker spots. These chickens, which come from the Czech Republic, are good at handling both cold and hot weather and are raised for their eggs.

Yes, these chickens from the Czech Republic are really good at laying eggs, just like other chickens from the same area. They can handle both cold and hot weather well and lay a lot of eggs.

Sapphire Splash baby chickens have gray fluffy feathers on their backs and heads, but the feathers around their eyes are a darker gray. Their bellies are a light dusty yellow, and both their legs and beaks are a peach color.

So, wrapping it up, if you want a great number of eggs, Sapphire Splash Chickens should be your first choice. They’re simple to take care of and tough enough for any weather. 

Plus, they’re friendly, which means they’re great for more than just eggs. Adding some Sapphire Splash to your flock will definitely be a smart move for something different and fun.

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